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Aberystwyth Coastwatch

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) is a voluntary organisation set up in 1994 to restore a visual watch along UK shores after many small Coastguard stations closed. NCI is a registered charity managed by a board of Trustees with a Constitution agreed by the Charities Commission.

Aberystwyth NCI station on Constitution Hill provides daytime coastal surveilance at weekends and Bank Holidays during winter and summer with our team of dedicated volunteers playing their part in the UK’s Search and Rescue organisation. We maintain a visual and listening watch, reporting to the H.M.Coastguard at Milford Haven allowing us to spot, plot, report on and then respond to any incidents


National Coastwatch Aberystwyth needs more volunteers to help maintain and increase the number of watches we can do. If you can spare a minimum of four hours a month and are interested in helping keep people at sea and along the coast to stay safe, give us a call on 07702 950927 or come and see us. Our Staion is located on Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth.

We would love to hear from you.



Latitude 52 25 70 N

Longitude 04 04 96 W

Elevation  333ft  100 metres

Constitution Hill


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We are totally funded by voluntary contributions so every penny helps!

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Providing the ‘eyes on the coast’ is a serious commitment and one must be prepared to put in the required effort to keep the station open and running effectively

Willingness to learn

Regardless of one’s background, shore watchkeeping is usually a new experience for all NCI recruits and full training to exacting standards laid down by the institution is given to all volunteers. Being willing to share knowledge and experience with colleagues is valuable too


Is what watchkeeping is all about. Eyes and ears must be alert at all times to what is going on all around the lookout together with the ability to spot the abnormal and know how to react


The task of becoming a good watchkeeper involves the above qualities but maybe most of all a sense of responsibility not only to seafarers and coast users but also to the work of NCI and to one’s fellow volunteers. Working as a team is vital

Work closely with HM Coastguard. Much of the work of the station is routine surveillance. Watchkeepers must remain vigilant at all times, know how to deal with an emergency and report to HM Coastguard who co-ordinate the various Search and Rescue service

Help  to reduce time before rescue by looking for distress signal, locating and identifying casualties

Help rescuers reach casualty by seeing casualties not visible from sea level, providing position of casualty& identifying which vessels may be able to help in an emergency

Keep a watch on potentially vunerable craft and people such as -  canoeists, boardsailers, small craft, open boats, divers, swimmers, walkers or climbers

Watch over craft until they reach safety With problems such as engine breakdowns, gear failure, leaks in the vessel or exhausted crew

Act as ‘ears’ on the coast by - Monitoring channel 16 - the VHF distress channel, listening in poor viability, listening for cries for help

Keep records by Logging vessels, aircraft, divers, walkers etc. Monitoring and logging the local weather, giving information to HM Coastguard on overdue vessels/aircraft/walkers

Provide an emergency contact point For walkers and coast users. Watch local fishing areas and co-operate with the harbour authorities, police, customs etc. Work with local farmers where livestock is at risk and wild life organisations


If you would like more information on becoming a Watchkeeps, click here

All donations made through BT’s Mydonate is given to the Aberystwyth Coastwatch without any deductions

We are totally funded by voluntary contributions so every penny helps
Donations help us to upgrade and increse our equipment and also helps with the upkeep of the station