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This section of our website is intended to let you know about the National Coastwatch Institution (NCl) and what you will be undertaking if you elect to join. It covers what is involved in becoming a member, the training you will undergo and watchkeeping requirements. It will enable you to make up your mind whether to join us.

No prior experience is necessary to become a watchkeeper. A Training Check List that you will be issued with has been designed to ensure that you reach the required standard before you keep watches on your own. You will be paired with an experienced watchkeeper who will act as a mentor. He or she will guide you through the training process and assist you generally until you become a fully certified watchkeeper. Plainly, members have very different backgrounds and levels of previous knowledge so training will be geared to your own experience (or lack of it). Overall, your instruction will be organised by a Deputy Station Manager and there will also be unit training sessions arranged by the Station Manager.

The training is designed not only to make you an efficient watchkeeper of value to the community but also to increase your general knowledge of maritime matters so that you can sensibly take part in nautical discussions.

If you decide to become a member, you will be an important part of the national search and rescue organisation and a vital link in the security of our coastline through contact with HM Coastguard, Police and UKBA. You will be joining a dedicated band of volunteers who will be delighted to welcome you.

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